Shaping the Future of Learning

Technology in Classrooms - Scaling Successful Practices

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Nepal, we hosted an international conference on “Shaping the Future of Learning” on November 8-10, 2017.

The conference brought together groups and organizations from different countries who have employed technology to improve education quality and to increase access to better learning opportunities to children from disadvantaged communities.

Who we are

Open Learning Exchange Nepal (OLE Nepal) is a social benefit organization established in 2007 with the mission to improve the quality of education and access to quality education through the integration of technology in rural classrooms.

How we started

OLE Nepal partnered with Nepal’s Ministry of Education to launch technology-integrated classroom initiative in 2007, and has gradually expanded the program to more schools over the years, reaching over 400+ schools in 40+ districts.

Why we are

We believe that inexpensive computers combined with the creation of open-source digital learning materials and teacher training are in the long-term the most cost-effective medium for increasing access to quality education.

What we do

OLE Nepal has designed and developed digital learning materials, trained teachers to use technology and digital content effectively to enhance student learning, and installed appropriate infrastructure in schools to enable learning using technology.

Day 1 | November 8, 2017

Day 2 | November 9, 2017

Day 3 | November 10, 2017

Try it Yourself

E-Paath is a collection of digital interactive learning activities that are designed and developed at OLE Nepal and distributed freely. The E-Paath activities are based on national curriculum of Nepal.

E-Pustakalaya is an education-focused free and open digital library. It contains thousands of books, educational videos, audio-books, reference materials and interactive learning software.

Equal Opportunity

Our mission to provide quality learning resources
to children across Nepal.

Why should public school students not have access to quality education?

10 years of
promoting quality education

Poor quality and wide disparity in education quality and access among school types, regions, and population groups are two of the major problems facing Nepal’s education sector. A vast majority of students attending public schools in rural areas do not have access to learning materials beyond the regular text books.

OLE Nepal’s mission is to help address these problems through the integration of ICT in daily classroom teaching-learning process.

Free and Open

Quality Education is the right of every individual. All digital content developed and curated by OLE Nepal can be distributed and accessed for FREE!

Our Sources

Our curriculum based interactive digital content - E-Paath - has been developed in an open source platform, and all materials in E-Pustakalaya are licensed under Creative Commons.

Offline Access

Our learning softwares can be accessed online. Offline digital library servers allow fast and easy access in places without Internet connectivity!

500,000 users

Over half a million users have access to our digital resources, across Nepal and the world!

We want more people to be able to access our free and open quality content.

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